About us

Damoon lift is a distributor company in the field of hydraulic elevators on Iran market. We supplies equipment and main components of hydraulic elevators with the highest quality from the world's leading manufacturers according to our customers’ requirements.


We supplies high quality products from the leading manufacturers over the world such as Blain hydraulics, Allweiler, Seim, SB, PFB, Hydronic lift, and …

We provides main components of hydraulic elevators including: • Hydraulic parts used in power units such as control valve, submersible motor, screw pump, tank heater, shut-off valve, and …; • Main components of hydraulic elevator cylinder such as rupture valve and steel tube for cylinder rod; • Mechanical components of elevator car frame such as instantaneous safety gear, roller and flat guide shoe, cylinder top pulley, and …;


Our experts are able to provide technical advisory to our customers for correct selecting of products in diverse cases. Also, with our well-equipped warehouse, we are able to hold safe and dispatch the goods in shortest time to our customers around the country.

In addition, we always hold spare parts of the equipment and components, in order to prompt response to consumers’ needs in repairs and maintenance issues.

Contact us

Damoon lift, Tehran, Iran.

Tel: +9821-888 748 50, +9821-888748 41

Mobile: +98912-314 0305

Fax: +9821-881 977 86